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Omnichannel customer engagement solution
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Reach your customers across all marketing channels.

eCommerce email templates

Omnichannel outbound messages

Simplify your cross-channel campaigns with centralized workflow management for maximized customer experience.

Build an engaging customer experience

Easily build unique customer journeys and touchpoints across key message channels, including email, push notifications, SMS, Messenger, on-site messages, and others.

Understand customer interactions

Gain insights into how customers respond to your messages across each channel.

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eCommerce email templates
customer journey flow

Data-driven audience targeting at its best.

customer journey flow

Unified customer profiles

Build and enrich customer profiles with web behaviors, campaign interactions, and eCommerce histories.

Dynamic segments

Easy rule-based segmentation builder to better define and cluster your customer base.

Predictive recommendation engine

Predictions from likelihood of customer churn to dynamic product suggestions for cross or upselling based on customer interests.

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Start fast with pre-built automated eCommerce customer journeys.

eCommerce automation recipes

Kickstart growth in minutes

Built-in eCommerce automation recipes to nurture, win back, and convert with your site visitors.

100+ beautiful templates

Full library of pre-made templates for email, pop-up, and landing pages to customize for your brand.

Hands-on specialist support

Dedicated eCommerce specialist standing by to support your team with ideation and execution.

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eCommerce automation recipes
Chat operator image

Effective Customer Support and Omnichannel Engagement

Chat operator image

Built-in chatbot designed for retailers and eCommerce

Resolve your customers’ issues instantly with pre-determined conversations that will kick off the conversation.

Generate more sales with AI product recommendations

Promote your brand with efficient, AI-generated predictions based on previous visitor behavior.

Engage your audience with chat-derived automations and segments

Trigger custom-made messages to nurture or follow up with your visitors. Personalize the experience with targeted automations and segments based on chat-related insights.

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Handy Omnichannel Customer Engagement Resources

Find useful resources like eCommerce guides, best practices and case studies of successful enterprises.

FAQ about ContactPigeon’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

What is an omnichannel customer experience (CX)?

The omnichannel customer experience is the process of unifying separate touchpoints along the customer journey with the aim of providing a seamless connection between the customer and the brand. Every available channel is interconnected, allowing the customer to change from one to the other without creating friction.

What is an omnichannel customer engagement platform?

An omnichannel customer engagement platform is a tool that enables brands to enable seamless communications and meaningful engagements between their customers through different interchangeable channels. This strategy is eliminating silos and streamlines the interactions across different touchpoints while allowing the brand to manage all available channels through a single platform.

How is ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement platform different from the competition?

ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement platform differs from the competition, as it is one of the few marketing automation platforms that is designed specifically for the retail and eCommerce industry. The solution is designed to maximize conversions and unify the customer journey, both online and offline.

What retail-only features does ContactPigeon support that makes it the ideal customer engagement platform for retailers?

ContactPigeon’s 2-way QR Code patented technology was created in order to provide a true omnichannel experience and bridge the gap between the online consumer buying experience with the brick-and-mortar shop. The platform gathers data from different sources to create a 360o customer profile and create targeted campaigns that will increase retention and brand loyalty.

How difficult is ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement platform to use?

All the features of the platform have simple, drag-n-drop builders plus a big library of templates to help any marketer launch any campaign as fast as possible, without needing advanced tech skills. What is more, at ContactPigeon we offer training and responsive support right from the start, both through the onboarding process and the collaboration in general.

Is ContactPigeon’s platform legal and GDPR-compliant?

Yes, ContactPigeon’s omnichannel platform complies with the GDPR regulations. The solution’s features include GDPR-compliant opt-ins, so you can create hassle-free campaigns in seconds.

Can ContactPigeon help my company with the integration?

Of course. After signing up with ContactPigeon, a team of account executives and customer success specialists will walk you through the integration process.

How can I learn more about the pricing of ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement platform?

In order to learn more about the ContactPigeon pricing, we recommend asking for a custom quote from our Sales Team. Book a free consultation now and discover how we can help you grow your business in innovative and affordable ways, according to your individual needs.