SMS Marketing for Retailers

Grow sales with advanced SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber marketing.

Reap the benefits of real time, personalized interactions with your customers.

Personalized and automated SMS campaigns
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SMS campaign dashboard

Text marketing with a personal touch.

Personalized SMS campaigns

Maximize brand awareness with efficiency

Did you know that texts are read within 3 minutes of delivery? Make sure to add text marketing to your strategy, as it makes for one of the most effective, fast-growing channels, designed for brand awareness.

Grow brand loyalty with personalized messages

Strengthen customer loyalty with personalized, automated messages that will reach your devoted customers across old school SMS or through popular messaging platforms. Personalize your messages based on customer profile data.

Build text messages with ease

Design, test, and send text campaigns with our easy-to-use messaging editor

SMS automations that engages customers

SMS automation

Seamless omnichannel customer experience

We support triggered SMS campaigns as part of overall customer journey flow automation, which keeps your brand communications consistent across any supported channels.

Enhanced conversion performance

Effectively combining email, push notifications, and on-site messaging with SMS marketing has proven to increase sales conversions rates.

Engage with your customers the right way

Manage consent on the customer level. GPDR required Opt-in and opt out are all built in.

SMS automation

SMS Marketing Use Cases for eCommerce Retailers

Discover some proven scenarios of text marketing campaigns that drive sales for our clients:

New product alerts

New product alerts

Trigger automated text messages and alert your contacts about your new products.

Personal offers vis SMS marketing

Coupon offers

Notify your discount seekers with time-sensitive offers and discounts.

Loyalty event notifications

Exclusive Loyalty events and offers

Show your appreciation to your loyal customers with exclusive deals and events, building strong brand-customer relationships.

Cart abandonment

Cart/Browse abandonment reminders

Benefit from the immediate and direct communication of marketing by eliminating abandonment rates!

Transactional text campaigns

Transactional status updates

Keep your customers updated about their orders with confirmation texts about shipping and delivery.

Introduce SMS campaigns to your marketing mix.

Customer testimonials - Metro Supermarket

ContactPigeon team provided valuable help when we wanted to set up SMS/Viber campaigns with our own provider.

Evi Z.
Ecommerce Marketing Assistant, Metro Supermarkets

Monitor your performance with actionable data

SMS dashboard

Stay on top of your latest promotional campaigns

Keep track of your SMS/WhatsApp/Viber campaigns and make decisions based on data-driven insights with ContactPigeon’s detailed dashboards.

Turn data into effective market segments

Enrich your customers’ unique profiles with valuable insights from your text campaigns and create deeper segments that will reflect your buyer personas. Segment reporting will aid you to understand your audience better and target them successfully.

SMS dashboard

FAQ about ContactPigeon’s SMS/WhatsApp/Viber Marketing capabilities

How many types of Messaging Marketing does ContactPigeon support?

ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement platform supports SMS, WhatsApp and Viber campaigns.

What is SMS (Text) marketing?

SMS (text) marketing is communicating to your contacts lists through SMS in order to promote your latest offers, inform them about their orders or even reward your loyal customers.

What is WhatsApp advertising?

WhatsApp advertising is sending promotional messages to your customers through WhatsApp, in order to boost your marketing strategy.

What is Viber marketing?

Viber marketing is used for to communicate with your customers through Viber messages.

Does Messaging Marketing (SMS/Whatsapp/Viber) actually work in retail?

Messaging Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective channels in retail, with an impressive 98% open rate, according to Gartner. The short length of the messages make it easier for customers to respond and open the links included, while being really simple to create.

How can I promote my business via SMS/Viber/Whatsapp?

You can use SMS/Viber/WhatsApp campaigns in order to scale your business and increase awareness about your brand. Promote your latest products, services or company news and increase sales via limited-time coupon and cart/browse abandonment automated flows.

Is ContactPigeon’s Messaging Marketing (SMS/Whatsapp/Viber) legal and GDPR-compliant?

Yes, ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement platform is built with the GDPR regulations in mind. Each retailer can build GDPR-compliant campaigns and contact their customers through different channels, across multiple devices. Our Customer Success Team can aid you send automated campaigns while being 100% compliant with privacy regulations.

How do I create a Messaging Marketing (SMS/Whatsapp/Viber) campaign?

ContactPigeon’s dashboard is built for marketers in order to maximize productivity, needing zero coding skills. With a user-friendly interface, retailers can set up new SMS/WhatsApp/Viber campaigns in a matter of minutes.

How do I keep track of my Messaging marketing (SMS/Whatsapp/Viber) campaigns?

Keeping track of your marketing campaigns is the number one priority in digital marketing. That’s why ContactPigeon’s platform is equipped with advanced and detailed reporting dashboards and real-time analytics.

How can I learn more about the pricing of ContactPigeon's Text Marketing capabilities?

You can learn more about ContactPigeon’s pricing by booking a demo with one of our trained eCommerrce experts. Sign up for a demo and our team will walk you through a personalized presentation based on the individual needs of your brand.

Can ContactPigeon help my company with the integration?

Yes, we will help your company, not only through the integration, but also in every step of your ongoing journey. Your assigned customer success consultant will be at your disposal for everything you will need.

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