Dynamic segmentation for deeper customer insights.

We’ve got your “a-ha” moment. Prepare to know your customers better than they know themselves.

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Real-time insights into your customer segments.

With ContactPigeon’s powerful segmentation tool, you have the flexibility to define any customer segment profile as desired. You can create complex segment with IF and OR logics. Once created, we keep the segments updated automatically - so the contacts are always up-to-date when you deliver your next campaign.

Dynamic segmentation

Identity match with accuracy.

Achieve seamless segmentation by merging your customers’ history across devices and channels into one distinct profile. We help you match customer personas across various channels, whether mobile, email, or browsing the web, to accurately segment and target your audience at the point of interaction.

Single customer profile


Enriched customer profiles across data sources

With ContactPigeon, you are not limited to the customer information you can collect, store, and organize into a 360 degree profile. Use eCommerce history, web behaviors, product preferences, and other analytics to deliver engaging interactions with your audience.


Segment by web behaviors

Create segments using visitor website behavior for hyper-powerful targeting. Running a special promotion to people who have seen winter jackets in the last 7 days? We got you covered.


Segment by campaign interactions

Target audience based on his or her interactions with past campaigns from you. Sending an updated offer to people who have seen but have not taken up the last promotion, check!


Triggers based on events

Cluster customers based on special events, like signing up to a list, reaching a rewards milestone, or adding products to cart.


Power Facebook ADs with real-time Custom Audiences

Effortlessly sync with custom audiences on Facebook Ads based on your visitors’ behavior to continually engage them with relevant content from your brand.


Unlimited segment targeting

Access ready-made segmentation profiles based on eCommerce best practices such as frequent shoppers, top spenders, inactive customers, and more. Get your segments up and running in minutes.

Facebook custom audience synch
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ContactPigeon offers a ton of functionality in one package - from visitor web behavior tracking to contact segmentation to automation of messages - that none of the similarly priced tools out there can match.

Ismini Vouyouka
Product Marketer, eTelestia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is segmentation?

Identifying your customer personas and dividing them into groups, or segments, based on different characteristics is the basis of market segmentation.

This helps ensure your marketing campaigns are relevant to the person you're targeting by creating rich customer profile segments. Segments are based on insights such as demographics, web behaviors, and eCommerce history.

What are the email list segmentation best practices?

#1. If you currently have no defined segments, start by setting up a few basic customer profiles. Limit the number of segments in the beginning can help you avoid “Paralysis from Analysis” phenomenon.

Common ones for eCommerce retailers are:

  • Visitors without purchase
  • Top spenders
  • Purchased within last month
  • Only buy with coupons
  • Abandoned
  • Female (or Male) shoppers

#2. Match your customer persona with your segments. Apply customer persona information from insights such as demographic, psychographic, and behavioral values to your groups, or segments.

#3. Design different email sequences for each segment. Use marketing automation tool design emails that are tailored to each of these customer persona. Then, set up the sequence of triggered emails to engage with segment at the right times.

Of these segmentation best practices can be implemented with the ContactPigeon dynamic segmentation tool.

How does ContactPigeon capture customer data for segmentation?

Our goal is to provide you with the insights you need to better target, engage, and convert your audiences. We understand that customer data is the fuel to data-driven marketing. By default captures the following data points relevant to each of your customer / visitor.

  • Web behaviors (e.g., page views, clicks, events triggered, etc.)
  • Ecommerce transactions
  • Campaign responses (e.g., view, clicks, conversion)
  • Registration data (e.g., name, gender, address, etc)
Furthermore, you can connect other data sources via API to enrich the customer profiles.

With ContactPigeon's dynamic segmentation tool, you can build customer segments based on any of the available data points.The segments can be refreshed at predefined intervals, so you’ll always be on target with your messages.

Handy Customer Segmentation Resources

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