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Know your customers better than they know themselves.


Enriched Customer Profiles

ContactPigeon is structured to inherently connect ecommerce data with customer behaviors and engagement analtyics. We use these insights to enrich your customer profiles, and power dynamically personalized messages in all your campaigns.

Customer profiles contain key informations on demographics, web behaviors and ecommerce history. All data at one glance.

Enriched Customer Profiles

Dynamic Segmentation Based on Web Behaviors

First step to personalizing your campaign messages is to segment your target audience. Our segmentation tool gives you improved ability to gain deeper insights on your customers and target them more effectively. From distinguishing your contacts based on gender, geolocations, to more complex requirements such as products viewed in last 30 days or whether if they’ve responded to the previous campaign, you can pivot and slice your contacts in numerous ways.

Once you have defined a segment, our dynamic list feature will keep it up to date in real-time so you are always targeting the right set of customers in your marketing campaign.

Dynamic Segments to Pin-Point Campaign Targets

Ready Made Segmentation Profiles

We offer a pre-defined list of segmentation profiles based on ecommerce best practices – Frequent shoppers, top spenders, inactive customers, recent purchases, etc. Instead of trying to figure out all the segment criteria up front, this way you can hit the ground running.

Don’t worry, you can always refine the segments over time as you grow to know customer behaviors better.

Ready Made Segmentation Profiles

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