Omnichannel Chat for retailers

Specifically designed for the retail industry, ContactPigeon’s omnichannel chat is the perfect mediator for a seamless customer experience and a smooth customer journey.

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Marks & Spencer
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Combine top-notch customer support with meaningful omnichannel customer engagement

With a full overview of your customers’ interactions, your agents will have the opportunity to address your customers’ pain points individually. Provide optimal customer care, engaging your audience with smarter automations, while increasing your conversions.

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Respond to your customers immediately and prevent long waiting times with ContactPigeon’s omnichannel chat solution.

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Increase customer satisfaction, lifetime value, and brand loyalty with personalized interactions and deep customer insights.

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Be more productive with multiple conversations and monitor your team’s performance with a built-in rate system for better results.

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Change the way you connect with your customers

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Deliver personalized interactions

Devoting time and attention, resolve your customers’ inquiries according to their specific needs. Our chat’s layout is built specifically for the retail and eCommerce industry, designed for businesses of all sizes.

Nullify the waiting time

With faster response times comes greater retention rates. Streamline your customer support, reduce your call center workload and increase your revenue.

Being proactive is better than being reactive

Provide an additional fail-safe to your business. Our omnichannel chat can aid you to alter the review of disgruntled customers before they share their negative feedback online.

Smarter Automations, More Advanced Segments

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Fully integrated within our omnichannel platform

Just like with all our functionalities, the chat is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the ContactPigeon platform for a complete, 360° customer experience. Every customer profile has a dedicated tab with the entire chat history and every chat is enriched with advanced AI capabilities for personalized product recommendations.

Use chat-generated events and trigger automations based on archived conversations

Take a deep dive into your customers’ journey and create smart automations using chat-related events. Trigger follow-up messages and personalize the experience of your e-shop visitors based on previous support interactions and increase the customer’s overall satisfaction.

Design complex segments for more targeted campaigns

Personalization is the best way to boost your sales effectively and realize a high ROI. Make your customers a priority and generate segments that will reflect their preferences and their shopping habits for greater conversions.

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Discover Samaritan, the Omnichannel Chat

Features of the Samaritan Omnichannel Chat

Built-in chatbots specific for eCommerce

Meet Rosey, the lovely bot. Rosey will kick off the conversation with some basic, introductory questions and multiple choices based on the most common eCommerce issues. Your customers will get instant responses even if the agents are not available at the time.

GDPR Compliant

Verify your customers’ identity with a 2-step verification both via email and mobile number before exchanging sensitive information. This groundbreaking addition is not included in similar chat applications, making ContactPigeon’s omnichannel chat an ideal solution for supporting eCommerce customers.

Complete customer profiling designed to generate sales

Improve your sales with a chat functionality that is designated for personalized engagements with targeted product recommendations. Promote your brand and improve revenue with spot-on, automated customer predictions based on previous visitor behavior.

Advanced ticket management dashboard

Manage your real-time conversations with a fast and easy-to-use dashboard. Organize effortlessly your workflow and your support tickets, either ongoing or resolved.

Ready-made, pre-determined flows for fast and correct answers

Choose your replies from a variety of pre-written, canned responses, or easily create new ones. Save valuable time and effort and provide fast, correct answers to each consumer.

Push notifications that will instantly alert the assigned agents

Answer immediately to your clients as a push notification will alert your agents of any incoming communication.

Built-in agent review system

Upon closing a chat, the visitor can rate the agent’s performance and of course, you can use the rating as part of automation flows.

Multiple chat agents

Delegate your incoming messages to multiple customer support agents. Samaritan will keep your sensitive information private and provide limited access, excluding unauthorized users.

FAQ about ContactPigeon’s Omnichannel chat widget

First of all, why Samaritan?

Having both live chat and chatbot features, it is the perfect solution for the retail and eCommerce industry. ContactPigeon’s chat has capabilities that will make your day-to-day conversations a lot more efficient, and safe, offering a true omnichannel customer journey. Samaritan is an advanced helpdesk that stores and monitors data to generate profitable, smart automations and deeper segments.

What is an omnichannel chat?

An omnichannel chat is a built-in functionality within a customer engagement platform, offering an additional channel that further nourishes the consumer-brand relationship. A chat solution which is interconnected with the rest of the platform, proves much more effective as customer behavior is instantly updated with every conversation.

Why do retailers need a chat platform nowadays?

Chat platforms maximize resolution, conversion, and retention rates, as the agents respond immediately to their clients. Preventing them from seeking another brand with similar products or services, retailers need a chat feature that applies to their specific, business needs.

What is the difference between traditional chat vs ContactPigeon’s omnichannel chat solution?

ContactPigeon’s omnichannel chat solution differs from simple chat functionalities as it is designed specifically for retailers and eCommerce businesses. Traditional chat applications are used for communication purposes, whereas Samaritan endorses customer support with advanced customer engagement.

Is the omnichannel chat widget a stand-alone service or an add-on service of ContactPigeon’s customer engagement platform?

Like all our features and functionalities, ContactPigeon’s omnichannel chat is an add-on service integrated into our customer engagement platform. Retailers can easily activate the widget, modify its preferences and start using it with no trouble. Of course, our Customer Success Team is always available for a walkthrough.

Does ContactPigeon help with the integration?

Apart from the fact that at ContactPigeon, each account has an assigned automation expert and account manager, the chat is already integrated with the rest of the platform. The only thing required by the retailer is the activation of Samaritan.

Want to make your conversations more unique and interactive?

Samaritan has many aces up its sleeve for a complete customer experience.