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Real time view into your e-commerce activities.

Live Web Analytics

Web Analytics at Your Fingertips

Take your analytics to the next level in one platform with live web analytics. ContactPigeon empowers you with Real-Time views into everything related to your ecommerce site. Every single click, page view is monitored which means that you are able to know how, what, when and who has clicked on your webpages and your campaign.

View your customer's full profile, campaign results, live streaming of website analytics within ContactPigeon Dashboard, all in one place!

Web Analytics at Your Finger Tips

Track All Known Visitors

ContactPigeon has built-in web tracking that makes it easy to see the web pages visitors has seen, and the links they have clicked on. We track how often they have visited, and interval between their visits for analytical purpose. Additionally, our platform is differentiated on being able to identify all known visitors without requiring them to log in. All of this information is captured to round out your customer profile for optimal re-marketing experience.

Real-time Marketing Decisions

Monitor live web traffic, even on moments of peak traffic such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and start making real-time marketing decisions. React to real-time trends and patterns, evaluate your promotions’ performance, and adjust your campaign tactics and strategy as quickly as possible.

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