Live Web Analytics for Real-time Decisions.

All insights on your visitors web behaviors, eCommerce activities and marketing performances in one view.

Live web analytics
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Live behavior stream

Real-time data at your fingertips.

Live behavior stream

Web behavior tracking

Synch and store your customer's online activities. Monitor your customers' every single page view, click, and triggered event.

Ecommerce tracking

Connect with your product, cart, and order data to drive engaging customer journeys.

Live visitor streams

Get live stream view of your website visitors' activity on-line. Watch visitors as they come from referrals, browse thru pages, add-to-carts and checksout.

Real-time campaign performance tracking.

Monitor your campaign effectiveness and translate the insights into better campaigns. Define the next best action based on customer's response to the campaign.

Campaign data
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ContactPigeon provides true “added value” through automated actions via pop-ups and triggered emails, while live-analytics and reports provide deep insights into customers’ behavior.

Marina V.
Global Communications Director, Apivita

Behavioral Analytics for 1st time and returning visitors.

Track the complete customer lifecycle actions, from unknown visitor to returning customers. The best part? The tracking takes place without customer log-in required! All of this information is captured to round out your customer profile for optimal re-marketing experience.

Customer journey flow

Handy Marketing Automation Resources for eCommerce

Find useful resources like eCommerce guides, best practices and case studies of successful enterprises.

Track, Personalize, Convert.

Know what your visitors are viewing, and scale your conversions with automated personalized messages.