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Personal, relevant and timely messages with marketing automation

Better messages = More sales

ContactPigeon is the ultimate analytics and marketing automation platform. We provide a solution to every marketer's problem: How to send the right message, at the right time.

Campaign Automation

Your campaign messages will be more effective when they are tailored to your customers, and perfectly timed. ContactPigeon connects your real-time product catalog, visitor web behaviors and ecommerce history to determine optimal moment to trigger your messages.

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Go beyond simple contact lists to powerful data-driven segmentation. Once a customer segmentation profile has been created, our dynamic rules engine keeps it up to date with real-time data, so your campaigns always target the right set of recipients.

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Simple & Beautiful Campaign

Building responsive and great looking email campaigns is simple with our easy Drag & Drop editor. You can customize email template in minutes, and craft dynamic content that deliver unique experience to each subscriber. All in one email.

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On-site Retargeting

The best chance driving conversion occurs while visitors are on your site. With ContactPigeon, you can interact with visitors with unique offers and sign up forms before they are gone with onsite retargeting.
In-site pop up messages can be triggered based on the ideal flow of visitor web behaviors to appear at the point when it matters the most.

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Live Web Analytics

Track in real time which products your website visitors are browsing and buying. Every single click, page visited, product browsed and purchased are monitored centrally, so you have all the information at your fingertips to design better, smarter, and automated campaigns.

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Analytics & Dashboard

Our analytics dashboards empower you with data driven insights. See how your campaigns are performing live and where people are clicking within the context of your email. Getting email open is just the first step. Our goal is to help you understand what drives desired action behaviors so you get better results every time.

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1-Step Integration

We play well with your favorite eCommerce and CMS platforms. We offer real-time APIs that integrates with your CRM, CMS, and other marketing tools to help you generate power data-driven campaigns.

Built-In Best Practices

New to re-marketing? We have a library of best practices email templates and automation scenarios to get you started in minutes. Top scenarios are Abandoned Cart, Cross-sell Recommendations, Post Purchase Reviews, and many more.

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