Marketing Automation for Shopify

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ContactPigeon helps you attract and retain customers by better using the Shopify data you already have. Connect your store to start capturing visitor behaviors, trigger automatic marketing campaigns and generate more sales.

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  • Advanced Analytics

    Our real time dashboard of web, ecommerce and campaign activities helps you gain better results for each of your marketing campaigns.

  • Unique Personalization

    Dynamic segmentation tool provide one-on-one personalized customer experiences at scale.

  • Powerful Automation

    Smart automation triggers and scenarios empowers you to engage each customer at the optimal moment.

Smart features at your fingertips

All behavior and eCommerce data in one platform, powering unique marketing actions and automations to drive business in new ways.

Web Analytics at Your Finger Tips
  • Live web & ecommerce monitor

    Monitor real time web activities and eCommerce trends of visitors to your BigCommerce shop. Every single click, views and purchases of your customers are tracked as part of it’s customer profile.

  • Visitor identification

    Detect visitors regardless of device used. All known visitors are identified whether they log in or not for better targeting.

  • Customer profile

    All customer information and behavior history in one place. Our analytics engine continuously build up customer profile as new data are collected.

Dynamic Segments to Pin-Point Campaign Targets
  • Dynamic segmentation

    Segment customers by any combination of attributes. Our rules engine maintains segmentation up-to-date with real time behavior data for accurate targeting.

  • Predictive models

    Turn your customer data into actionable predictions to find the next-best customer to grow value, retain and re-engage at-risk customers.

  • Behavioral analytics

    What path did a customer take to purchase a specific product? Track actions and KPI metrics that matters to understand success factors that drives conversions for your business.

Simple. Powerful. Smart Automation Triggers
  • Marketing automation

    Send personalized triggered campaigns automatically. Your marketing campaigns will be more effective when tailored to your customers interests and triggered at optimal times.

  • Omnichannel interactions

    Design campaigns to be delivered across channels. Whether it is via Email, SMS, Facebook or in-site pop ups, engage with your customers via their preferred channels.

  • Dynamic content

    Dynamic personalization lets you deliver unique content to each customer, all within one email. Provide personalized one-on-one experience at scale.

Customized and Personal Email Experience
  • Drag & drop editor

    Easy to use campaign editor allows you to design and send email campaigns with no HTML or technical knowledge required. Create responsive emails that looks great across all devices.

  • Built-in best practices

    9 built-in ecommerce best practices in marketing automations, so that you have Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, Cross-sell recommendations, Welcome Series at your disposal. Ready to be activated at clicks of a button.

  • 1-step integration

    We are fully integrated with BigCommerce. Just one click to install the App and see results with our powerful marketing automation features in action.

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