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Become a part of an award-winning brand, specializing in omnichannel customer engagements for eCommerce and retail. As a partner, we work closely with you to win more business.

Partner program
Marks & Spencer
Delivery Hero
The Body Shop

Benefits of becoming a partner

  •   Revenue share for every new client onboarded
  •   Co-marketing opportunities
  •   Partner training and development
  •   Inside access to customer engagement expertise and insights
  •   Dedicated resources for partner and client success

Why partner with us?

Income stream

All key channels in one platform

One platform to manage your customers’ engagement campaigns - from email, mobile messages, personalized landing pages, and social Ads. This means better results, less integration, and a complete view of the entire customer journey.

Top-rated customer satisfaction

We are one of the top-rated marketing automation solutions on G2 when it comes to ease of use, customer satisfaction, and integration. Check out our reviews here.

Steady new revenue stream

As long as the customer is active with us, you earn a percentage of the revenue commission for perpetuity.

Income stream

Teamwork at its finest.


A strong, helpful team for all your needs

We work alongside your team in helping your clients to grow, convert, and retain customers more effectively.

Constant communication and guidance

Learn about the multiple capabilities of a true omnichannel customer engagement solution. Partner with us to explore the secrets of eCommerce with live courses, and access to first-hand data insights.

Never-ending opportunities for growth.

Growth opportunities

The more you grow, the more the perks

Unlock co-branding marketing and higher rewards, the more you introduce your audience to ContactPigeon’s advanced omnichannel possibilities.

Scale your business and your revenue

Earn financial rewards for every new referral and increase your revenue.

Boost your social reach and brand awareness

Broaden your network with a trusted ally and reach your business goals.

Growth opportunities

FAQ about ContactPigeon's Partnership Program

Are there any hidden fees for applying to become a partner?

There are no hidden fee. In fact, its completely free to join our partnership program.

Are there any minimum standards to apply?

Yes, the prospective partner will have to agree to ContactPigeon's T&C and NDA. The applying partner should also fall under one of the following categories: agencies, retail / ecommerce consultants, technology solutions.

How are the payouts being held?

The payouts and the rewards will be different according to the type of partnership. Affiliate partners will be recieve a flat commission based on the monthly revenue once the client converts. Referral partners will receive a recurring percentage of the ongoing revenue that each partner has brought.

How fast can I start?

After the evaluation of each application and the final approval of the partnership, the partners will be able to start right away.

Is there any kind of evaluation of my application or do I start right away?

Yes, we will evaluate the information submitted in your application to determine your eligibilty before an application is accepted. Typically, we would also ask for a short intro meeting in order for you to have an overview of platform and learn about all our value proposition.

Ecommerce Integrations We Support

We work with most ecommerce CMS platforms, including custom websites, so integration with your customer's website is easy-peasy.

Working better together.

Join us in fueling the growth of your clients and your own business.