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Turn visitors into customers with unique, personalized, well-timed dynamic content.

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Engaging Ways to Growing Lists and Conversions.

Boost visitor conversion rates with ContactPigeon’s smart targeting for pop-ups. We continually test and optimize triggers so you can deliver personalized content at the right time to your site visitors. Choose when and where they appear on your website -- from on-entry messaging, exit-intent, page-specific, to behavior-specific triggers – we’ve got you covered.

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Powerful Pop-up Triggers

Engage. Convert. Sell.

Powerful Pop-up Triggers

Exit-intent Pop-up

Capture visitors as they are about to leave the page with exit intent detection.

New Visitor Engagement

Engage first-time visitors join your list in exchange for discount, unique content, or just stay in touch.

Cart Abandonment Savers

Prevent cart abandonment before it take place. Detects visitor with item in cart, and nudges them to checkout.

Up-Sell Displays

Grow your average order value by recommending additional or high value products not in shopper's cart.

Powerful Triggers for Enhanced Targeting.

Get uber targeted on-site messages with advanced conditional triggers.

Abandoned Cart

Item in Cart

Connect with visitors based on whether if they have added items to cart.

Time on page

Time on Page

Display the pop-up only when visitors spent over certain amount of time on your website.

Percent Scrolled

Percentage Page Scrolled

Engage with visitors as they reached a certain point of the landing page.

Price Drop Alert

Visitor Segment

Vary your message based on visitor's segmented profile. Whether if he is new or returning, or with other relevant contact data.

Welcome Flow

Page or Event Activated

Trigger the on-site message based on whether if visitor reached a specific page or activated an desired event.

Grow Contact Lists the Right Way

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliant features

GDPR compliant features such as opt-in checkbox and double opt-in procedures, which means you only need to tailor the form of your choice to your brand…and let them pop!.

Consent tracking

We maintain a track record for each registered contact the consent and the terms he agreed to.

GDPR Compliance

Ready-made Templates for All Retargeting Scenarios.

Want to create your perfect pop up, but don’t know where to start? ContactPigeon offer a library of pop-up templates so you can craft an eye-catching pop up in no time. Our templates cover every eCommerce retargeting scenario, from exit-intent pop ups to build your audience, to reducing cart abandonment -- we help you turn anonymous visitors into conversions.

Customer testimonials - Army Navy Outdoors

With ContactPigeon, we are able to grow web traffic and orders with targeted product recommendations automatically. The platform is delivering well beyond it’s ROI!

Peter Litsky
Owner, Army Navy Outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-site retargeting?

On-site retarting allows you to convert visitors into leads and, ultimately, customers via messages directly with in your website.

For example, a common application is a triggered pop-up message as a visitor is about to leave your site with a personalized message in order to retain the visitor.

How is on-site retargeting different than remarketing campaigns?

The main difference is the location which the retargeting take place. On-site retargeting uses messages on your own website to move consumers along the consumer journey.

Remarketing campaigns, on the other hand, target visitors after they have left your site with strategically placed off-site ads on other platforms. They use relevant content based on your visitor’s previous web behaviors to increase your brand awareness, re-engage customers to return to your site, and persuade them to take action.

While remarketing display Ads are most common, remarketing campaigns can also be delivered via email, push notifications, social media and other types of messaging channels.

Why do I need on-site retargeting?

On-site retargeting gives marketers a chance to directly communicate with visitors who are browsing your site -- and this means you get a chance to convert them, before they leave your site!

You can use on-site retargeting methods to grow your lists, make an announcements, or close a sale. Get attention from customers by alerting them about your brand, offers, to get more information about your products or service, and so on.

I don't want to annoy my website visitors, what are some best practice tips for the successful use of pop-ups?

It’s all about timing and the content of your message. Here are some tips for optimal use of on-site messages:

  • Set messages to pop-up for engaged visitors. A good gauge is time spent on site or percentage of page scrolled. You can measure the average time spent on your site. If the visitor has reached 50% of that duration, it would be a good opportunity to further interact with her with a message.
  • Relevance is key to converting. Good pop-ups don’t annoy users, they enhance the shopping journey with well-designed and relevant content. Ideally, the message that appears is relevant to the page the visitors are viewing at the moment.
  • Don’t overload visitors. Be mindful not to request too much information in the pop-up.

What are the common on-site retargeting triggers for eCommerce?

Some of the most common scenarios that trigger on-site remarketing messages are on-exit (exit-intent popups), 1st visit session, add to cart actions (cart or browse abandonment mechanisms), and returning visitor. Designing and implementing a marketing strategy with these on-site retargeting triggers increases leads, sales, and builds your email list.

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