Personalized marketing for your BigCommerce store.

Automatically attract, convert, and retain customers by better using the BigCommerce data you already have. With ContactPigeon, you sell smarter, not harder.

Omnichannel customer engagement solution
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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Our real time dashboard of web, ecommerce and campaign activities helps you gain better results for each of your marketing campaigns.

Unique Personalization

Unique Personalization

Dynamic segmentation tool provide one-on-one personalized customer experiences at scale.

Powerful Automation

Powerful Automation

Smart automation triggers and scenarios empowers you to engage each customer at the optimal moment.

Smart Features at your fingertips

All behavior and eCommerce data in one platform,
powering unique marketing actions and automations to drive business in new ways.

Gather Customer Data

Web Analytics at Your Finger Tips

Live web & ecommerce monitor

Monitor real time web activities and eCommerce trends of visitors to your BigCommerce shop. Every single click, views and purchases of your customers are tracked as part of it’s customer profile.

Visitor identification

Detect visitors regardless of device used. All known visitors are identified whether they log in or not for better targeting.

Customer profile

All customer information and behavior history in one place. Our analytics engine continuously build up customer profile as new data are collected.

Web Analytics at Your Finger Tips
Dynamic Segments to Pin-Point Campaign Targets

Transform Into Insights

Dynamic Segments to Pin-Point Campaign Targets

Dynamic segmentation

Segment customers by any combination of attributes. Our rules engine maintains segmentation up-to-date with real time behavior data for accurate targeting. Be it Frequent Shoppers, First-time Buyers, High Spenders.

Predictive models

Turn your customer data into actionable predictions to find the next-best customer to grow value, retain and re-engage at-risk customers.

Behavioral analytics

What path did a customer take to purchase a specific product? Track actions and KPI metrics that matters to understand success factors that drives conversions for your business.

Engage In Real Time

Marketing automation

Send personalized triggered campaigns automatically. Your marketing campaigns will be more effective when tailored to your customers interests and triggered at optimal times.

Omnichannel interactions

Design campaigns to be delivered across channels. Whether it is via Email, SMS, Facebook or in-site pop ups, engage with your customers via their preferred channels.

Dynamic content

Dynamic personalization lets you deliver unique content to each customer, all within one email. Provide personalized one-on-one experience at scale.

Dynamic Segments to Pin-Point Campaign Targets

No IT skill required

Customized and Personal Email Experience

Drag & drop editor

Easy to use campaign editor allows you to design and send email campaigns with no HTML or technical knowledge required. Create responsive emails that looks great across all devices.

Built-in best practices

With built-in ecommerce best practices in marketing automations, so that you have Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, Cross-sell recommendations, Welcome Series at your disposal. Ready to be activated at clicks of a button.

1-Step integration

We are fully integrated with BigCommerce. Just one click to install the App and see results with our powerful marketing automation features in action.

We found ContactPigeon that streamlined our email marketing. Full featured and works like a chime. Customer support is highly responsive and George goes beyond the possibility to tailor the software to our need. With ContactPigeon you have a full featured marketing system at a very affordable price. I'd give more stars if there were.

Ulymar Rocha
StoneBridge Imports, Owner, BigCommerce Customer

Ready made triggered campaign flows.

ContactPigeon is designed for eCommerce in mind. Our BigCommerce integration seamless pulls in web behavior data, purchasing patterns and campaign interactions for every customer profile. These insights are used to trigger campaigns across email, push notification and several other messaging channels for the optimum reach.

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart

An e-commerce classic remarketing technique. Best practices is to send a well timed series of reminders based on shopper’s reactions.

Browse abandonment

Browse Abandonment

Series of targeted reminders to those who demonstrated interests by browsing or searching specific product or categories.

Repurchase Reminder

Repurchase Reminder

For consumable products with specific lifecycle, attract returning shoppers to rebuy before the products run out.

Price Drop Alert

Price Drop Alert

Alert customers who have demonstrated interest in a product category when the product goes on sale.

Welcome Flow

Welcome Flow

Welcome emails should not be a simple thank you confirmation, but opportunity to sharing brand story and drive product interests.

Re-engagement Reminder

Re-engagement Reminder

Identify your at-risk customers and re-engage them with interesting and personalized offers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a marketing automation tool for my BigCommerce business?

Simply put: using marketing automation pushes your digital marketing outputs to the next level with real-time automation. You can now engage and reach your customers with personalized messages at point they are most likely to convert. As a result, businesses often see greater efficiency and sales outcome after adopting an marketing automation platform.

How is ContactPigeon marketing automation platform different than others?

With ContactPigeon you can incorporate automated triggers and conditions across multiple channels -- Email marketing, mobile (SMS/WhatsApp/Viber), pop-ups, push notifications, and Facebook Ads -- for the entire consumer journey.

We built our campaign automation flow with eCommerce in mind. Choose from our smart automation triggers and scenarios such as relevant triggers such as add to cart, order status, order value, etc, and let our automated platform do the rest!

Lastly, our customer support system is unparalleled! We won't ask you to call or email a generic support center. Instead, you will have a dedicated contact of customer success consultant, whom you can directly work with on ideation, setup, and troubleshoot when you need the help.

Is there a Free plan?

At this point, we only offer a free plan for very nascent businesses with 250 contacts or less.

Start growing with a 14-day trial

Setting up ContactPigeon on your BigCommerce store is simple. Let us help your sales grow.