Push Notifications for Retailers

Grow customer lifetime value with automated push notifications.

Reach customers on their favorite devices with retail push notification and create memorable engagements that last.

Push notifications for Retailers
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Reach a wider audience the GDPR-compliant way

Push notifications opt-in

Turn unknown visitors into known ones without needing an email address. Push notifications increase your registered devices and, subsequently, subscribers’ lists without any hassle of sign-ups. All opt-ins are, by default, GPDR compliant so that you can create hassle-free push notification campaigns.

Push notifications opt-in
Automated push notifications

Maximize ROI and sales conversions with automated push notification campaigns

Automated push notifications

Automate push notifications in simple 3-steps

Stay in the spotlight and on top of your customers’ minds with personalized automated cart, browse abandonment, and price drop push notifications. Our pre-built automation flow means your push message is ready in minutes.

Boost your overall sales performance

Draw attention to your brand and improve your outreach with perfectly-timed push notifications. Push notifications enhance your customer engagements by connecting with them as they are browsing online, resulting 4 to 6 times higher conversion rates than email.

Enable your omnichannel strategy with unified customer profiles

Omnichannel personalization

Enrich your customer personas

Accumulate valuable data with ContactPigeon’s omnichannel solution. Connecting push notifications with your mailing lists lends insights into customers’ behavioral patterns, enabling a unified customer engagement strategy.

Targeted and personalized engagements

Send personalized push messages based on real-time visitor behaviors, preferences, and cross-channel engagements. You can also set and send push notification campaigns to your custom audience segments.

Achieve a true omnichannel reach

Design push notifications that drive them toward your online or offline assets. Combine Push Notifications with ContactPigeon’s offline channels (patented 2-Way QR Codes) to unify online and offline activities and a true omnichannel shopping experience.

Omnichannel personalization

Connect with your customers in real-time.

Popular Push Notification Use Cases for eCommerce & Retailers

Remind your visitors what they were looking for and drive them back to your webpage.

Automated browse abandonment via push notifications

Decrease cart abandonment rates and turn them into conversions with appealing campaigns.

Automated cart abandonment via push notifications

Trigger push campaigns and engage with customers that have shown interest in specific products that are on sale.

Automated price drop push notifications

Communicate your latest news for brand awareness and better omnichannel customer engagement.

Company news push notifications

Alert your audience about the latest promotional offers that can't be missed.

Push notifications promotional offers

Key Features of ContactPigeon’s Push Notifications

Increased deliverability rate

Studies show that push notifications earn 4-6 times higher CTR compared to email campaigns. Plus, all messages are delivered directly to a person, as opposed to hitting the spam folder.

Ready-made automation flow for fast activation

Creating bulk and automated push campaigns with ContactPigeon’s platform is easy. Before setting the campaign live, you can configure the title, image, CTA, URL, and description. For automated campaigns, the flow is pre-set with popular eCommerce scenarios, so activation is just 3 simple steps.

High-converting targeted push campaigns

Send push notifications to any of your existing audience lists, or define your recipients with the platform’s advanced segmentation engine.

Supports both web and app push notifications

Our push notifications can be delivered to any supported web browsers, as well as your mobile apps.

Customer testimonials - Tsoukalas Shoes

We use all the capabilities that the ContactPigeon Omnichannel platform offers, from personalized email campaigns to Samaritan chat. Push notifications are a key part of our strategy, since it expands our customer base even more.

Natalia M.
Head of Marketing, Tsoukalas Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are push notifications, and how do they work?

Push notifications are messages sent from a server and displayed on users' browsers after consent. The messages resemble small ad banners, are available for all web, Android, and iOS users, and can include text, images, and a CTA. Lastly, push campaigns are browser-based and can be shown on all mobile, desktop, or tablet devices.

Why do retail companies use push notifications?

The retail industry uses push notifications as an additional means for brands to engage with consumers.Retail push notifications encourage visitors to return to the brand's e-shop, even if they are not actively browsing the company website when the message comes through to their browsers or devices.

Lastly, push notifications can be used for brand awareness, remarketing, and lead generation.

What are the benefits of using push notifications in a business's marketing strategy?

Including push notifications in your marketing strategy leads to increased subscribers and a wider reach for your promotional campaigns. You can send push marketing campaigns to users you may have no other information about, adding a very powerful means of communication to your marketing efforts. In turn, this will increase your conversion and retention rates and lead to brand awareness and better revenues.

Do mobile devices support push notifications?

Yes, mobile devices support push notifications as long as the user has allowed notifications on their device. The same applies to both desktops and tablets. Each time a new visitor enters a webpage with activated push notifications, a short text message asks for permission to receive messages.

How will I create a unified profile based on the device?

ContactPigeon's platform can associate the registered devices that have opted for push messages with subscriber emails. With each known device, your customer profiles is further enriched which allows you to target your audience across different channels according to their shopping preferences, patterns, and overall behavioral data. ContactPigeon automatically updates the profiles with every interaction for a complete, consolidated view of the customer journey.

What type of automated push notifications are supported?

With ContactPigeon's solution, you can design and run dynamic cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and price drop automated push notifications.

Are the push notifications for retailers a stand-alone service or an add-on service of ContactPigeon's platform?

ContactPigeon's push notifications are not a stand-alone feature, since they are included in the main omnichannel customer engagement platform. Thus, the pricing varies according to the subscription plan each retailer will opt for to achieve their business goals and marketing strategy.

How can I set up push notifications on a company's website? Can ContactPigeon help?

With ContactPigeon's omnichannel customer engagement platform, you can run marketing campaigns either with targeted and personalized automated push campaigns or with bulk.

By subscribing to our omnichannel solution, you can incorporate various features to promote your brand, and push notifications are one of these features.

Of course, our customer success team will accompany you along the way at the early onboarding stages and the entirety of our partnership.

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