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By introducing Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities into ContactPigeon Customer Data Platform (CDP), we are ushering in a new era of data analytics, modeling, and visualization. You gain access to advanced, centralized data analytics and visualization dashboards built upon your entire dataset.

This live training series will provide an overview of ContactPigeon CDP analytics in four distinct sessions, each focusing on an area of analytics for accelerating retail growth. While we encourage you to attend all four sessions within the series, each training session is designed to be standalone.

In a nutshell, we help you "drill for oil" and reap the rewards of your discovery!

Attend this training if...

You're new to CDP analytics or need help figuring out where to start when it comes to leveraging your customer, campaign, and ecommerce data set for your marketing and growth strategy.


Session 1: Putting Ecommerce Analytics to Use

In this session, participants will delve into the dynamic world of ecommerce analytics, gaining practical insights into leveraging data to drive informed business decisions.

Through a hands-on walkthrough, attendees will learn how to explore eCommerce dataset to create new visuals and custom KPIs in Looker. From tracking key metrics (KPIs) to interpreting customer funnel behavior, this session equips participants with the skills to transform raw data into actionable strategies that drive ecommerce success.

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Session 2: Identifying Opportunities through Web Analytics

From understanding traffic drivers to identifying conversion bottlenecks, this session empowers participants to optimize their online presence and capitalize on untapped growth opportunities. By the end of the session, attendees will possess the tools and knowledge needed to derive insights from web traffic to influence their digital strategies.

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Session 3: Understanding Your Campaign Effectiveness

In session 3, participants learn about campaign effectiveness through the lens of data analytics. Through a comprehensive examination of key performance indicators and attribution models, attendees will gain a high-level understanding of how to measure the impact of ad hoc and automatic messaging campaigns across various channels, which ultimately translate into insights for maximizing their marketing effectiveness.

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Session 4: Building Audience Insights & RFM

Cap off the live training series with Session 4, where participants will dive into audience insights and RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis. Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and hands-on walk-through, attendees will learn how to segment their customer base and tailor marketing strategies to specific audience segments.

This session provides participants with the tools and methodologies needed to extract actionable insights from customer data, from identifying high-value customers to predicting future purchasing behavior.

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Meet the Instructor

Mariam-Data Scientist


Data Scientist @ ContactPigeon

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