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Campaign Performance Dashboard

Take Campaign ROI to the Next Level.

Campaign Performance Dashboard

Transform insights into action

From campaign performance reports to real-time eCommerce dashboard, we offer the necessary dashboard to track your marketing effectiveness.

Performance at a glance

For every campaign sent, understand audence impressions and conversion outcome all in one place. Get KPIs such as opens, clicks, sales attributions, bounces across devices and regions.

Breakdown campaign statistics by segment

Interested to see how the campaign performed against various customer segments? We breakdown the metrics by lists. So you have a comparison view of how each customer segment reacts to your campaigns.

Empower your team with analytics from every angle

See what links your contacts clicked on, and how the clicks are distributed across all links within the campaign.

Campaign Click Map

Customer segment reporting

Quick summary view into key list characteristics and its eCommerce KPIs. Hence, you can quickly understand how a customer segment is performing overall, and how it stacks against another segment and over time.

Segment Insights
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Ecommerce ROI Tracking

Easily track your sales growth.

Ecommerce ROI Tracking

ROI trends over time

Get an at-a-glance view of eCommerce activities such as add-to-carts, purchases, and revenues over time.

Revenue attribution across channels

Understand the true eCommerce value driven from the campaign with direct eCommerce sales attribution. Gain insights on the total and average spend by your customers.

Taking it further with Business Intelligence

External Data Connectors

External integration with selected BI tools

Release the inner data geek. We allow you to connect platform data with 3rd party BI solutions (e.g., Google Data Studio) so you can pivot and dissect your way to new insights.

Custom reporting

Get any data with custom reporting to share your insight with your team members.

External Data Connectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need another eCommerce dashboard?

ContactPigeon ecommerce Dashboard tracks and attributes the revenue across the channels to help you understand what works best for your marketing & sales.

We even break down the impacts of automated campaigns vs mass newsletters so it's super easy to track ROI at a granular level.

Why is customer segmentation analytics important?

Spending time analyzing the behavior data of your customers can help you unlock unique insights into the segment's interests, patterns, and trigger points. For example, it may allow you to understand the timing and pattern of purchases, so you can get in front of the consumer just when they are making the purchase decision.

What is "analysis paralysis", and how do I avoid it?

As data geeks, we have definitely been there. Analysis paralysis is a condition that occurs when you process and collect so much data that the incremental time spent analyzing them doesn't actually generate additional benefits or insights.

This is way we've designed dashboard that focuses on the data metrics that actually matters in your decision.

However, if you're the type that likes to go beyond the summary. We also support custom export to any BI tool that may strike your fancy. This way you can group, pivot, and chart the data that fit your needs!

Helpful Analytics & Dashboard Resources

Find useful resources like eCommerce guides, best practices and case studies of successful enterprises.

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