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Campaign Automation

Simple. Powerful. Smart Automation Triggers

Think of Marketing Automation as your silent salesforce. Create targeted workflows based on actions your audience takes both inside and outside the inbox, and the automation will work around the clock to engage with your customers. With ContactPigeon’s powerful rules based engine, it’s super easy to automate personalized messages and control who gets them and when.

Want to send a special offer to your customers living in California and who have never visited a certain product category on your e-shop, two weeks after their initial purchase? The possibilities are limitless! Set up your marketing automation, and see the sales rolling in.

Simple. Powerful. Smart Automation Trigger

Built-In Best Practice Scenarios

Whether you’d like to increase conversions, build customer loyalty or grow your contact list. We work with you to prioritize and suggest automation scenarios that meet your marketing goals. When you sign up, you will be surveyed on your campaign objectives and ContactPigeon match that with the automation scenarios that work with your needs.

You can easily customize the marketing automation campaigns with our drag & drop email editor before putting the automations to work.

Built-In Best Practice Scenarios

Product Picker & Recommendations

You can promote specific products on your eCommerce site or run cross-sell recommendations based on e-commerce trends. Our Product Picker is linked directly to your real-time product catalog, so you can select the products you’d like to feature.

Alternatively, you can rely on our analytics to automatically generate cross-sell recommendations based on what customers have frequently browsed or bought together. After all, who doesn’t want to see products that are hand-picked to suit their interests?

Product Picker & Recommendations

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