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Rule-based flow

Simple, powerful triggered automation

Rule-based flow

Enagement at the right moments

Marketing Campaign Automation as your silent salesforce. It helps you identify the best prospects and close more sales by triggering the right message at exactly the right moment.

Rule based workflow

With ContactPigeon’s powerful rules-based engine, it’s super easy to automate personalized messages and control who gets them and when. Start growing sales by focusing on engaging the hottest prospects.

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Smart personalized product recommendations

Product Recommendations

Adaptive suggestions based on real-time data

Product recommendations are updated and deployed to each customer based on their real-time interactions with your brand.

Behavior-driven cross-selling

Never miss the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell your products. Recommendations are driven by visitor purchase and browsing patterns.

Insert recommendations across channels

Inspire your undecided shoppers by adding product recommendations anywhere - landing pages, emails, pop-ups, and push notifications.

Product Recommendations

Real-time synch to product catalog

Our Product Picker is linked directly to your product catalog, so you can easily select the products you’d like to feature. Also, never worry about outdated product info withour real-time link to your product catelogs.

Product Catalog Synch
Customer testimonials - Ikiapharm

The customer targeting is really easy, the automations are great and we have lowered our advertising budget to 3/5 in the last 2 years while achieving higher revenues.

George Pavlidis.
Sales Manager, Ikiapharm

Ready made triggered campaign flows

Whether you’d like to increase conversions, build customer loyalty or grow your contact list, Contactpigeon has pre-built ecommerce automation scenarios based on automation best practices, You can easily customize the marketing automation campaigns with our drag & drop campaign editor before setting the automated campaigns to work.

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart

An e-commerce classic remarketing technique. Best practices is to send a well timed series of reminders based on shopper’s reactions.

Browse abandonment

Browse Abandonment

Series of targeted reminders to those who demonstrated interests by browsing or searching specific product or categories.

Repurchase Reminder

Repurchase Reminder

For consumable products with specific lifecycle, attract returning shoppers to rebuy before the products run out.

Price Drop Alert

Price Drop Alert

Alert customers who have demonstrated interest in a product category when the product goes on sale.

Welcome Flow

Welcome Flow

Welcome emails should not be a simple thank you confirmation, but opportunity to sharing brand story and drive product interests.

Re-engagement Reminder

Re-engagement Reminder

Identify your at-risk customers and re-engage them with interesting and personalized offers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is campaign automation?

Campaign automation refers to the tools and the mechanism behind automating the activity of marketing campaigns.

It’s used to drive sales through following processes of lead nurturing and conversion. For example, engaging with leads by sending triggered emails or other forms of marketing messages. Often times, campaign automation allows marketers to engage customers at the optimal moment based on real-time customer behaviors or actions.

What are the benefits of adopting marketing automation for an eCommerce business?

Simply put: using marketing automation pushes your digital marketing strategy to the next level using real-time automation. Reach your customers with the right message at the optimal time for greater efficiency and performance outcome.

How is ContactPigeon campaign automation different?

With ContactPigeon you can incorporate automated triggers and conditions across multiple channels -- SMS, Facebook or on-site pop-ups, or email -- for the entire consumer journey.

We built our campaign automation flow with eCommerce in mind. Choose from our smart automation triggers and scenarios such as relevant triggers such as add to cart, order status, order value, etc, and let our automated platform do the rest!

Marketing Automation Resources

Find useful resources like eCommerce guides, best practices and case studies of successful enterprises.

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