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How Gregory’s became one of Greece top selling online coffee chains.

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+50% Sales conversions from automation
+30% ContactPigeon driven sales
+74% Daily registration rate

The Challenge

To grow its online brand presence and conversions, Gregory’s team experimented with new campaign tactics across various channels. Some challenges it ran into were:

  • Designing personalized customer journeys for various segments
  • Growing awareness in a highly competitive food & beverages market while keeping customers engaged
  • Finding a long-term solution that supports omnichannel customer engagements that's also practical to use daily

The Solution

Offering an ultra-personal and engaging customer experience is one of the key differentiators for Gregory’s value proposition. To that end, ContactPigeon helped the brand acheive the following goals:

  • Designed automation workflows tailored to client’s consumption journey and lifestyle
  • Increased email click-through conversions by using dynamic content for highly personalized email messages
  • Used advanced segmentation to build target audience profiles, which are also connected to Gregory’s Facebook account for social media targeting

After almost three years of working with ContactPigeon, we undoubtedly believe that’s a very powerful omnichannel customer engagement platform.

Mara Kymppizi
E-business & CRM Manager, Gregory’s

About Gregory’s

Gregory’s is one of the largest retail coffee and micro meals chains in Greece and the 9th biggest coffee store chain in Europe.


Food & Beverages

Company Size

1,000+ employees

With ContactPigeon Since



Email marketing, a top channel for traffic

Email played a vital role in Gregory’s continued success. It’s a top channel in terms of traffic generation and conversion, and has been a critical part of Gregory’s campaign strategy.

ContactPigeon offers the flexibility to create great-looking emails quickly with its drag-and-drop editor. Gregory’s also uses dynamic content to personalize its emails which increases click-through conversion.

Let's take a closer look at a personalized email campaign vs a generic one. Gregory’s mastered the fundamental email types to keep their audience engaged and coming back for more.

Email campaign comparisons
Personalized email vs generic one.

Real-time offers with push notifications

ContactPigeon directly integrates with Gregory's mobile app to deliver push messages to both customers' mobile devices. One of the top performing push campaigns are those that offer promotions such as "1+1 Gift!"

Push campaigns
Time-based push notification works wonders during peak meal hours.

Opt into contactless delivery with Pop-ups

During the pandemic, Gregory's enabled pop-ups to inform its customers about Contactless Delivery to safely handle all orders. This tactic is effective and customers’ enthusiastic response can be seen in the conversion stats of the pop-up.

+36.61% Conversion rate

Enhance customer experience with surveys

The voice of the customers is a crucial input for the company. Gregory’s uses ContactPigeon’s survey tool monthly to gather feedback on customers’ order experience.

The survey comprises a short five-questionnaire sent via email, and the team carefully evaluates all responses. Helping Gregory's identify the customers who faced issues with the products or online experience, provides valuable inputs for future improvements. As a gesture of gratitude, customers who submitted feedback on issues are offered a gift on their next order.

consumer surveys
60-70% conversions from survey is considerably higher than industry standard.

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