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How Vita4you nurtured and built a long-lasting community of customers.

Vita4You eCommerce


311% Increase in sales from email
213% Growth in contacts
223% Increase in CTR with Automation

The Challenge

The Vita4you team was aware of the intense competition in the pharmaceutical industry, and recognized that competitiveness would intensify over the next years. They faced a series of challenges, including:

  • Growing newsletter subscribers quickly
  • Communicating with customers in a personalized and automated way
  • Boosting customer engagements and nurturing a long-term community
  • Increasing their loyal customer base

The Solution

ContactPigeon’s team worked with Vita4you on setting up different eCommerce automated scenarios to grow its contact lists, convert visitors into customers, and re-engage lost visitors over time.

  • Doubled subscribers with dynamic triggers
  • Designed automation workflows tailored to client’s consumption journey and lifestyle
  • Adjusted content to the needs and preference of each shopper with segmentated personas.

We have a great collaboration with ContactPigeon! The entire team is always ready to help, in order to achieve our business goals.

Vita4you Team

About Vita4you

Founded in 2010 in Thessaloniki, Vita4you has become one of the largest online pharmacies in Greece.



Company Size

11-50 employees

With ContactPigeon Since



Doubling contact size with Dynamic Pop-ups

The Vita4you team initially wanted to grow their newsletter subscribers, and the most effective channel for this goal was ContactPigeon’s dynamic on-site pop-ups. Utilizing a variety of triggers provided by ContactPigeon's platform, such as "on exit - unknown visitors" and "on load - unknown visitors," the team designed pop-ups with one-time offers for all the new subscribers.

Dynmaic pop-up
Sign up pop-up with offer

This move led to some very interesting results.

One of the greatest achievements was that the Vita4you team managed to grow its pop-up subscribers 213% YOY between 2019-2020, demonstrating why ContactPigeon's dynamic pop-ups are the most effecitve approach to grow lists. Increasing the mailing list also lead to a surge in online purchases. As a result, pop-up revenues increased by 299% in the same time period.

It’s worth mentioning that the Vita4you abandoned cart pop-ups that were activated for both unknown and known visitors, during November 2022-January 2023 brought a 12.8% conversion rate, showcasing a momentum that is preserved through time. This is a classic eCommerce remarketing technique, that boosts retention rates and maximizes customer lifetime value.

"Every person is different. Our goal is always to meet your real needs."

From the start of the Vita4you-ContactPigeon collaboration, the famous pharmacy implemented a strategy based on data-driven decisions. The primary goal of Vita4you was to create personas based on online visitor behavior, eCommerce history, product preferences, and other parameters, in order to deliver engaging interactions with its audience.

The team moved forward by segmenting the mailing list so that it could target customers with precision and accuracy. Some of the criteria that they used were based on gender, needs, and lifestyle. For example, they developed campaigns that were appealing to:

  • Men and Women
  • Mothers and Children
  • Athletes

By adjusting its content to the needs and preferences of each audience, Vita4you had a head start.

Segmented message for Athletes
Segmented message for Athletes.

Personalized email campaigns with dynamic content

Vita4you recognized the importance of a scalable email marketing strategy and ContactPigeon’s sophisticated capabilities helped them achieve it.

To be more precise, the Vita4you team started personalizing their email campaigns with dynamic content, transforming them to powerful one-on-one messages. Below are the email campaign results on a YOY basis. While the numbers were impressive, the team didn't rest on their laurels. They created specialized email campaigns for each customer segment, so messages are ultra relevant to each recipient. This has boosted the open rate of the email campaign significantly.

Here’s how Vita4you skyrocketed their conversions by using ContactPigeon’s email campaigns sent at the Black Friday Week (24/11-01/12) between 2019 and 2020.

82% YoY open rate increase
54% YoY increased CTR
311% YoY higher sales

Action-triggered automation journey

ContactPigeon's marketing automation platform is based on the latest eCommerce best practices and was a powerful tool for the Vita4you strategy. Whether the team wanted to increase conversions, build customer loyalty or grow its contact list, automated campaigns helped them to achieve their goals on every occasion.

Indicatively, browse abandonment is an automated workflow in which a series of targeted reminders were sent to those who demonstrated interest in browsing or searching specific products or categories. Vita4you specifically used the three-day-delay browse abandonment scenario.

Let's take a look at what the team has accomplished YOY using this campaign in 2020 compared to 2019.

272% YoY recipients
222% YoY increased CTR
256% YoY higher open rate
114% YoY higher orders

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