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ContactPigeon expanded Tommy Hilfiger’s online presence in Greece.

Tommy Hilfiger


+35% YOY increase in Email Subscribers
+48.4% Open rate growth
+28.2% Conversion rate
+92% Increased revenue

The Challenge

  • Needed to find effective way to promote the brand while building a core community of engaged customers
  • Needed a solution that would not only offer immediate support, but would also be able to handle the demands of a world leading brand

The Solution

  • Grow subscription and capture online leads with personalized and dynamic pop ups
  • Drive brand visibility with automated and bulk email campaigns
  • Use powerful segmentation and personalize its customers’ experiences

Our goal is to find innovative ways of using data to make informed, verified decisions. ContactPigeon is an important partner in helping us achieve our objectives.

Giorgos Betchavas
Managing Director, SARKK S.A, Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

About Tommy Hilfiger

World’s leading designer lifestyle brands that stand out thanks to its nautical, sporty, rock & roll, and American style. Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has been a pioneer in its field and constantly evolves.


Fashion Retail

Company Size

1,000+ employees

With ContactPigeon Since



Deeper insights into customer behavior

Customer insights are crucial for optimizing customer journeys and for comprehending why a customer behaves in a certain way. In order to make data-driven decisions, marketers must not only develop deep customer insights, but also translate them into actionable and usable intelligence.

ContactPigeon’s omnichannel customer engagement solution offered Tommy Hilfiger detailed behavioral analytics and historical data on the brand’s email campaigns, with advanced dashboards that monitor and track every aspect of customer activity.

By using these insights, Tommy Hilfiger’s team had the ability to make informed, real-time decisions that ultimately led them to optimal results and increased conversion rates.

Retarget site visitors with dynamic pop-ups

Initially, Tommy Hilfiger’s team wished to target website visitors and convert them into loyal subscribers. So setting up on site, dynamic pop-ups was a one way road!

Targeting Tommy's unknown users with a 10% discount as a special offer on their first order was the perfect way to build the brand’s audience and enrich its subscribers’ lists.

ContactPigeon's gender segmentation tool, gave Tommy the opportunity to break down their audience and target specific groups more efficiently. This strategic move helped them nurture personalized interactions with each and every visitor based on their interests and needs.

Pop-up for female visitors
Pop-up for female shoppers
Pop-up for male visitors
Pop-up for male shoppers

Enhance site subscription with push notifications

ContactPigeon’s Push Notifications offer two unique advantages over email.

1. Many visitors (especially first-time buyers) allow Push Notifications, but they don’t subscribe to newsletters. Therefore, this channel reaches a much larger and different audience while gathering devices, not contacts.

2. Unlike email, Push Notifications are shown to devices when the customers are online, encouraging the recipients to check their mailboxes in order to see the message's subject.

Here are a few impressive outcomes ContactPigeon’s Push Notifications.

+60% YOY increase in Push Notifications’ effectiveness
+140% YOY increase in purchases generated by Push Notifications
+155% YOY increase in Push Notifications-generated revenue

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